About Eric F. Bauman, LCSW-R, CASAC, SAP

Mission Statement

F.A.I.R., LCSW’s intent is to assist those most in need who are struggling with mental health & substance abuse issues. Our philosophy is centered upon an individual’s ability to CHANGE.  We believe that people possess the strength to overcome personal obstacles that are impeding their development and growth.


  • NYS OASAS (Office of Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Services) Impaired Driver Assessment & Treatment Provider
  • Individual Psychotherapy & Evaluations
  • Out of State Impaired Driving Educational Programs Required by Mandating Agency
  • NYS Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW-R)
  • Alcohol & Drug Counseling
  • Domestic Violence Psychological Evaluations & Counseling
  • NYS DMV- Provider of Services
  • (SAP) Substance Abuse Professional Evaluations


Eric Bauman is a dedicated & highly educated  health-care professional with over 25 years of experience working to assist people in overcoming multiple personal problems (i.e., anxiety, depression, substance abuse, etc.).


F.A.I.R. utilizes collateral professional support from active board certified psychiatrists, licensed nurses practitioners, clinical social workers, substance abuse professionals and attorneys.

Privacy Policy

The confidentiality of records maintained by F.A.I.R. is protected Federal Law and Regulations.

Non-Discrimination Statement

 F.A.I.R. is dedicated to providing fair services to all individuals regardless of race, ethnic background, religious affiliation or gender.